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Solar and PV panel cleaning
in Medway, Kent

Solar and PV panel cleaning in Medway, Kent and the southeast of England is a must to protect your investment. Fact the cleaner they are the more revenue they will produce on your tariff meter. We offer cleaning of solar panels on small home sites to large sites. We use pure water, low pressure system that does not harm any of your panels and does not leave any streaks after the clean of your solar panels. We will clean the panels from a safe ground level with our long reach poles specially designed for jobs just like this. We also clean the easy access solar panels with our 5ft pole up close.

  • 100% environmentally Friendly
  • Low pressure ensuring low water usage
  • No chemicals or detergents

It is not just bird muck that can lower the quality of the output, the glass that is used on the panels is not self cleaning and so does not clean its self when it rains. While some debris probably does come off in the rain over time the build up of dirt will form. The cost of the clean will generally be redeemed within 1 month depending on the size of the unit you have. 

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